Link IV 07/2012

Marco Cher-Gibard & Caleb Shae

Multichannel sound installation and sculpture.

The Link series of exhibitions brings together work from alumni of the School of Art. This exhibition acknowledges the long standing contribution of these important and innovative artists to RMIT University and the broader Australian Arts Community.

Click the embedded vimeo link to below to hear sound and see some photos of the exhibition


Link VI documentation from marco cher-gibard on Vimeo.




Pop Voids 12/2011

Marco Cher-Gibard & James Wright.

Mixed media installation (projection, CRT televisions, video cameras, speakers, cyclorama, lights, stock location footage and a soundtrack from acapella versions of pop songs, including Madonna, Alecia Keys, Beyoncé and Rihanna) made for Circle Jerk, part of What is Music? for 2011.

Inspired by the cyclorama screen, James and I set out to create an amateur video set for the What is Music?  event Circle Jerk.  The installation attempted to explore the tension between “pop” forms, experimental music and DIY culture.