For Theatre

Dybbuk – Samara Hersch – Malthouse Theatre, 2016

Sex & Death – Samara Hersch – Festival of Live Art, 2016

Give Me Your Love – Ridiculusmus – 2015

I am a Miracle – Malthouse Theatre – 2015

Depth of Field – Chunky Move – 2015

Mysteri Siung Buto / Drawbridge – Polyglot Theatre / Paper Moon Theatre – 2014

Super Discount – Back to Back Theatre – 2013

see the video


The Australian Dream – Polyglot Theatre – 2013

Everybody – Snuff Puppets – 2012

2012 – Sound Design & Live Musician

NOA – Samara Hersch – 2012 – Sound Design

Affinity – Ben Speth – 2012 – Live Score.


Back to Back Theatre (2012)

In 2012, Marco designed a simple subtitle system for Back to Back Theatre’s Ganesh Versus the Third Reich that could resize and position text to overcome projection challenges in the theatre.  On tour in North America in early 2012, the company developed a “wish list” of video capabilities, which Marco used to develop a new program.  The program has now serviced tours in Europe (2012) & North America (2012).


Force Majeure

In 2011 Marco designed simple video playback and cueing software for Force Majeure’s Not in a Million Years during its Dance Massive season at the North Melbourne Town Hall. Due to a computer upgrade, a newer version of quicktime made using the program to cue unfeasible. Marco used Max 5 to create a more flexible cuing system.

Not in a Million Years


Make Change – OOM Creative

OOM Creative data visualization for the Make Change exhibition at the Unlimited: Designing for the Asia Pacific Triennial in Brisbane, Australia, 4–10 October 2010.

The data visuals present a global view of world data which is animated over time (1, in image above). Each sequence has a specific theme, for example number of people affected by flooding, or CO2 emissions per person. The view then morphs into a focused view of the Asia Pacific region, not as a map, but as circles packing together like organisms wrestling for space (2). Finally from this view the countries of the specific case studies are studied with stats(3) and flashes of project imagery(4), which connects back the original data set presented.

Visualising Water Systems – OOM Creative

In conjunction with Melbourne Water OOM Creative have designed a series of data visualizations to illustrate water as an urban resource. This project developed from an exhibition piece in Melbourne’s State of Design Festival and recently released as an online interactive data visualization and foyer prints.

October by Mark Reid

Sound Design for Melbourne video and new media artist Mark Reid.

Left from Right by David Short

Sound Design for Melbourne filmaker and artist David Short.