residency: Worm studio, Rotterdam

In July this year I’ll be artist in residence at the Worm studio in Rotterdam.

Wikipedies says:

“WORM is a Rotterdam based non-profit foundation and a multi-media alternative cultural centre focused on experimentalavant-garde and underground art, primarily music and movies. WORM is funded by the Triodos Bank and part of the culture nota 2009-2012 from the Dutch government. The foundation has received the Pendrecth Culture Price and it’s venue is part of the Rotterdam culture plan.

WORM organises festivals and concerts, movie nights, runs an independent record label, a radio station. Part of the organisation is also a media lab, a hackspace, and a music studio. The media lab and music studio both run free artist in residence programms for artists and experimental musicians. Experimental musicianLukas Simonis is the programmer of the artist in residence programm for the music studio. The studio has a large collection of vintage analogue synths such as the ARP 2500 inherited from the Centrum voor Electronische Muziek (CEM) and a collection of experimental musical instruments built by Yuri Landman.”

Its a fortunate turn of events which has led up to this.  Last year I mixed front of house for Liquid Architecture 12 in Melbourne and Sydney.  I got to meet Lukas playing some incredible collaborations with Dave Brown. I just needed to get there so when earlier this year Back to Back Theatre asked me to tour with them in Cardiff and London, i knew what to do.