Jitter Night School

Just returned from Berkely, California where i attended CNMAT’s Jitter Night School, taught by Andrew Benson. At first i was worried that things might be a bit basic but halfway through the second day i was well deep. Andrew is a great teacher and is able to talk well about jitter and these things in general, which is undoubtedly a skill! My thanks to him.

Now, I’m going to post a visualisation here which actually didn’t take too long. its a grid of vertices (xyz) being operated on by sound in real time. What did take me a long time was to try and get it looking good online. SD looked crap now matter how i compressed it, so i decided to try HD. This meant that i had to draw to a bigger context and created some problems when it came time to actually capturing and writing the video to disk. Eventually it got out at 1280 by 720 but the frame rate isn’t constant. In the end it didn’t matter so much anyway as flashing lines and fast movement is exactly what video compression struggles with at the data rates allowed on youtube and vimeo. Interestingly the track i used to visualise has a bit of a history as something people seem to want to visualise. I guess I’ve tapped a meme.

Try to imagine the lines as hard and without the green clouds. The only tricky thing i’ve done is a slow zoom in and out to make things interesting. The rest is sound driving geometry.