In a thrilling fever dream told by Alison Whyte (CloudstreetThe Bloody Chamber), a woman and her guide journey into a chasm that has opened in a city and stolen her sister. As they plunge into the subterranean depths; and on the knife’s edge of panic, the woman refuses the urgent pleas of her guide to turn back—how can she when she knows her sister is so close?     

But they are not alone.

In this adrenaline filled collaboration with Stephanie Lake Company, Alison Whyte is joined on stage by dancers Samantha Hines, Josie Weise, and Kimball Wong, who conjure the hallucinations and horrors that echo in the mind.

Writer: Emme Hoy

Director: Matthew Lutton

Choreographer: Stephanie Lake

Set & Lighting Designer: Paul Jackson

Costume: Kat Chan

Sound Designer: Marco Cher-Gibard

Composer: Rosalind Hall

Stage Manager: Lisa Osborn

Image: Pia Johnson
Image: Pia Johnson
Image: Pia Johnson
Image: Pia Johnson