Siren Dance

The Siren calls her onlooker into her alluring arms. Is this an innocent gesture born from desire for true connection, or a cunning tactic and peacockish display of power? Honesty is slippery and situations transform before they can be fully grasped. What might appear as truth can so easily reveal itself as fiction.

The Dance wants to seduce her audience. She wants them to fall deeply infatuated with details and her logic. The Dance will shape-shift for eternity, in an attempt to attain the power of The Siren. As new embodiments materialise, old skins dissolve into memory.

In Siren Dance, classicism collides with contemporary visions of truth, magnetism and deception to question what seduction looks like and for how long disguise can endure.

Concept, Choreography & Performance: Lilian Steiner
Composition: Marco Cher-Gibard, feat. Aarti Jadu
Costume Design: Geoffrey Watson
Lighting Design: Giovanna Yate Gonzalez

Documentation: NON Studio

Siren Dance premiered at Dancehouse Melbourne, 24-27 March 2022

REVIEW: “Siren Dance was an absolute maelstrom of a performance; it sucked you in, helplessly.” 5 Stars *****

Otherworldly, Lilian Steiner’s Siren Dance by Philipa Rothfield

Desire and repulsion in Lilian Steiner’s Siren Dance by Anador Walsh

Image by Gregory Lorenzutti
Image by Gregory Lorenzutti