Drawing from the relationship between music and dance, DaS is a celebration of this deep history. Imagined as an experience of ‘choreography and sound’, DaS exists as a form of training for dance artists and musicians to practice live performance at a time where these opportunities are becoming increasingly hard to find. The first iterations will be closed to audiences with a view to work towards public viewings once the practice is established and COVID regulations allow.

Open and free to all professional dance artists, each session will focus on listening; to sound, to the body, to space and will consider this as a frame to transport, transform, share and rupture. It is a supportive space where dance artists can practice both roles of performer and audience, with the option to freely oscillate between these. The practice is open to including writing and notating.

You are invited to participate in the third iteration of DaS event on Friday 2 July facilitated by Substation resident artists Melanie Lane and Jo Lloyd, and soundtracked by a live set from Marco Cher-Gibard.